Nollywood Actor, Emma Ehumadu (Totolos) Escaped Death In A Ghastly Accident On Movie Set In Asaba Delta State-Nigeria

Posted on March 17th, 2014 at 3:08:30 PM

By Berti

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Nollywood actor, Emma Ehumadu, popularly called Totolos, miraculously escaped death while filming an armed robbery scene alongside Jym Iyke at a movie location in Asaba, Delta state on Wednesday 12th March 2014.

Jim Iyke we are told was driving the vehicle during a ‘high speed chase’ while Emma was shooting a gun from a half open door from the vehicle.

Unfortunately there was an issue with the brake and the vehicle hit a location bus. Emma hit his head on the door of a bus and his skull opened.

He was rushed to the hospital and he’s responding to treatment according to sources in Asaba where the accident took place.


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  • benviv says:

    Chai,wishn him a speedy rcovery oo!
    Am one of his fans..nofin wil happen 2 u dear.
    God’s healing wil b upon ur life.Amen

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